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Power Supplies

Basic AC power source, single output, 310 V, 5 A, 1000 VA

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Engineer reliability into your designs with a basic AC source alternative from Keysight and test with confidence that your products will perform as designed...

Maximize your uptime with the new Keysight Technologies, AC6800B Series basic AC power sources, and test your devices with confidence your products will perform as designed — even if voltage from the AC power grid is fluctuating or you are facing extreme inrush current or transient spikes.

Keysight’s AC6800B Series basic AC sources offer the quality and capability you need:

  • Intuitive user interface — If you’ve used a Keysight DC power supply, you'll feel right at home with these AC sources
  • Flexible I/O — LAN/LXI Core and USB (standard), and GPIB (optional). And you can access and control the source remotely via a standard browser
  • Low cost of ownership — backed with global support and the longest standard warranty in the industry
  • Models up to 4 000 VA are available to meet your basic AC source requirements

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CategoryPower Supplies
AC Frequency Range40 to 500 Hz
Output TypeAC / DC
BrandKeysight Technologies
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