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Compact Ultra-Efficient Solar/Light Energy Harvesting Battery Charger for Wearable and Medical applications

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DevKits - AEM10900

The AEM10900 is a fully integrated and compact battery charger circuit that extracts DC power from a solar cell to store energy in a rechargeable battery. This compact and ultra- efficient battery charger allows to extend battery lifetime and eliminates the primary energy storage in a large range of wireless application, such as wearable and medical applications and Smart sensors. Thanks to its Maximum Power Point Tracking and its ultra-low power boost converter, the AEM10900 harvests the maximum available input power from a source to charge a storage element, such as a Li-ion battery. The boost converter operates with input voltages in a range from 115 mV to 1.5 V. With its unique cold-start circuit, it can start operating with an input voltage as low as 250 mV and an input power of only 5 μW. The output voltages are in a range of 2.8 V to 4.8 V.

>Consumer Devices
>Home Switches
>IoT Sensors
>Smart Devices

Key features:
>Ultra-low power startup: cold start from 250 mV input voltage and 5 µW input power (typical)
>Highly efficient energy extraction: periodic open-circuit voltage sensing for Maximum Power
>Point Tracking (MPPT):
  >Configurable MPPT ratios of 35, 50 and from 60 to 90% by 5% steps
  >Constant impedance matching (QFN package only)
  >Configurable MPPT sensing timing and period
  >MPPT voltage operation range from 115 mV to 1.5 V
>Flexible energy storage management:
  >Selectable overdischarge protection from 2.8 V to 4.0 V
  >Selectable overcharge protection from 3.0 V to 4.8 V
  >For any type of rechargeable battery
  >Battery charge can be disabled, e.g. during transportation
>Configuration and communication:
  >Static configurations available through configuration pins (depending on package) or I²C interface
  >I²C interface to set system functionalities and read system information
  >I²C mode up to Fast Mode Plus
>Configurable thermal protection: from -40°C to 125°C with accuracy below 1.5°C up to 60°C
>Power meter: energy transfer or pulse counter mode
>Smallest footprint, smallest BOM:
  >WLCSP16-pin 2x2 mm or QFN 28-pin 4x4mm
  >Only three passive components

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