EVK AEM30940 868MHz

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Evaluation board for AEM30940 - RF harvesting

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E-Peas - EVK AEM30940 868MHz

Evaluation board (79 x 46 mm) includes the AEM30940 QFN28, its 7 passive components and jumpers to easily configure the AEM. Matching network with RF rectifier are provided to directly handle the RF signal from an antenna. Jumpers are used to define the MPPT ratio recommended for the harvester and the protection levels recommended for the storage element. Additional jumpers and resistors footprints are available for additional features. See the online configuration tool for further support. Screw connectors allow the user to connect simply and quickly the load to the HVOUT/LVOUT LDOs output voltages, the rechargeable storage element and the primary battery if used. Two SMA connectors allow to easily connect a 50Ω impedance antenna as the harvester.
The AEM30940 evaluation board is a plug and play, intuitive and efficient tool for making the appropriate decisions (component selection, operating modes) for the design of a highly efficient radio frequency powered subsystem in your target application. There are two designs of the AEM30940 evaluation board for RF harvesting. One is for the 868 MHz band and another for the 915 MHz band.

- RF harvesting
- Home automation
- Industrial monitoring
- E-health monitoring
- Indoor geolocation
- Wireless sensor nodes

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EVK AEM30940 868MHz
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