GW-INSTEK New ASR-3000 Series

The ASR-3000 Series is an AC+DC power source, featuring high-speed DC voltage rising and falling time. There are three models of the series: ASR-3200(2kVA), ASR-3000(3kVA) and ASR-3400(akVA). The series can provide rated power output during AC output and DC output. Nine ASR-3000 Series output modes are available, including 1) AC power output mode (AC-INT Mode), 2) DC power output mode (DC-INT Mode), 3) AC/DC power output mode (AC+DC-INT Mode), 4) External AC signal source mode (AC-EXT Mode), 5) External AC/DC signal source mode (AC+DC-EXT Mode), 6) External AC signal superimposition mode (AC-ADD Mode), 7) External AC/DC signal superimposition mode (AC+DC-ADD Mode), 8) External AC signal synchronization mode (AC-SYNC Mode), 9) External AC/DC signal synchronization mode (AC+DC-SYNC Mode).

ASR-3000 Series is ideal for the development of On-board Chargers, Server Powers, LED modules, AC Motors, AC Fans, UPS and various electronic components, as well as for testing applications of automotive electrical equipment and home appliances.

The ASR-3000 Series provides users with waveform output capabilities including 1) Sequence mode generates waveform fallings, surges, sags, changes and other abnormal power line conditions; 2) Arbitrary waveform function allows users to store/upload user-defined waveforms; and 3) Simulate mode simulates power outage, voltage rise, voltage fall, and frequency variations. When the ASR-3000 Series power source outputs, it can also measure Vrms, Vavg, Vpeak, Irms, Iavg, Ipeak, IpkH, P, S, Q, PF, CF, 40th-order Voltage Harmonic and Current Harmonic, In addition, the remote sensing function ensures accurate voltage output, and the Customized Phase Angle for Output On/Off funcion can set the start and end angles of the voltage output according to the test requirements. Over Voltage limit, OCP, OPP will protect the DUT during the output process. The Fan Fail Alarm function and the AC fail alarm function are also designed in the ASR-3000 Series.

The front panel of the ASR-3000 Series provides a universal socket or a European socket, which allows users to plug and use so as to save wiring time. Since the power socket specification has a miximum current of 15A, the rear panel of ASR-3000 Series is designed with a current circuit breaker. When the socket current is greater than 15A, it will automatically open the circuit to protect users. The ASR-3000 Series supports I/O interface and is standardly equipped with USB, LAN, External I/O, RS-232C and GPIB.

Zveřejněno na: 14-05-2021