Power Distribution Network Simulation Service


Identify and mitigate power distribution bottlenecks during design and not at testing.

With proper simulation stable voltages and compliant current densities are enabled at an early design stage avoiding costly redesign cycles during prototyping and testing.

Reliable electronics demand reliable power distribution

Increasing component density and tighter supply voltage tolerances of electronic components in todays printed circuit boards render the power distribution network (PDN) a crucial part of the whole design. PDN simulations during the design phase of the PCBs are the key to avoid costly and time-consuming redesign cycles during prototyping and testing phases of your product.
Detecting and mitigating power distribution bottlenecks at an early stage of the product development cycle is vital to keep up with the project plan and meet the time-to-market goals. 

This PDN simulation service focuses on customers’ projects during the whole process:

  • All necessary simulation parameters and relevant component parameters are defined with customer
  • Simulation environment based on customer’s Altium designer data and inputs. No import/export nor any 3rd party software is required.
  • Simulation results including suggestions on how to mitigate possible bottlenecks are presented and documented in detail using a simulation report. The document pinpoints the possible problems in 2D/3D visualization as well as gives a clear indication what enhancements are recommended.
  • To proof the effectiveness of your improvements, changes are incorporated, simulation is rerun, and a report is provided before and after analysis.

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Power Distribution Network Simulation Service
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