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GSP-9330TG 3.25 GHz Spectrum Analyzer with added Tracking Generator

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GW Instek - GSP-9330TG

The brand new GSP-9330, a high test speed spectrum analyzer with 3.25 GHz, provides the fastest 204 μs sweep speed. Users, via high speed sweep time, can easily handle and analyze modulation signals. The keys to handling modulated signals are fast sweep time and signal demodulation functions. In addition to the analog AM/FM demodulation and analysis function, GSP-9330 also provides digital signal ASK/FSK, and 2FSK demodulation and analysis capabilities. Nowadays, EMC issues are very crucial to product's design processes. Therefore, GSP-9330 has incorporated the EMC pretest solution to facilitate EMC tests. The simple and easy EMC pretest procedures from GSP-9330 can tremendously shorten users' product launch timeline.
For measuring signals, speed is one of the specifications to be considered. Perhaps, it is the most important specification. GSP-9330 provides sweep speed up to 204 μs. Users, via high speed sweep time, can easily capture transient signals such as Tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS), frequency/amplitude modulation signals, Bluetooth frequency hopping signals, tuned oscillator or other interfering signals under ISM Band.
The keys to handling modulated signals are fast sweep time and signal demodulation function. In addition to the analog AM/FM demodulation and analysis function, GSP-9330 also provides ASK/FSK digital signal demodulation capability. For the widely-utilized, low-cost and low power consumption 2FSK modulation signals, GSP-9330 also provides the complete test and analysis function to address the requirements.
GSP-9330 can meet customers’ EMC pretest requirements on the product development and verification stages. Users can detect and resolve problems at the early product development stage that can save time and money for product development and verification fee. As a result, users can expedite the process of products launch. GSP-9330 has the built-in EMI dedicated 200/9 k/120 k/1 MHz filter, 20 dB low noise amplifier and Quasi-Peak/Average detection mode to conduct radiation and conduction tests after collocating with the probe set.
GKT-008, the radiation test probe set, provides a complete near field test probe set to simplify the complex measurement procedures and to simulate 3m/10m far field tests from the labs. Using GKT-008 can greatly save engineers’ debugging time and the money for going back and forth to the labs. GKT-008 can collocate with the Tracking Generator function of GSP-9330 to conductEMSpretests.
For conduction tests, GKT-008 can collocate with LISN and Isolated Transformer to conduct electromagnetic conduction tests. If users concern EUT’s large voltage variation or complexity, applying a Transient Limiter will make test equipment safer.

For GSP-9330TG is added:
- Tracking Generator (Factory added)

- Frequency Range: 9kHz ~ 3.25GHz
- 0.025ppm Frequency Stability and 1ppm aging Rate
- RBW: 1Hz ~ 1MHz (3dB), 6dB EMI Filter: 200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz, 1MHz
- Fastest sweep time: 204us
- Sensitivity: -149 dBm/Hz (@PreAmp on)
- Built-in Preamplifier, 50dB Attenuator, and Sequence Function
- Built-in EMC pretest function, Quasi-Peak/Average EMI detect mode
- Built-in 2FSK Analysis, AM/FM/ASK/FSK Demodulation & Analysis
- Built-in P1dB point, Harmonic, CHPW, OCBW, ACPR, SEM, TOI, CNR, CTB, CSO, N-dB bandwidth, Noise Marker, Frequency Counter, TDP, Gated Sweep
- Built-in Spectrogram, Topographic and Split-Window Display Modes
- Remote control EMI measurement software: SpectrumShot
- Remote Control Interface: LAN, USB, RS-232
- Options: Tracking Generator, GPIB Interface

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