Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Hitex was founded as a system vendor in 1976. Today, it is known for providing powerful tools and solutions for embedded developers. Hitex helps its customers by offering more than just professional tools and components. It also provides services such as engineering, consulting, training, test services, and certification management.

As a manufacturer of emulators and custom systems for over 30 years, one of Hitex's strengths is its expertise as a manufacturer of emulators and custom systems. Today, Hitex is still a producer for leading semiconductor makers and industry customers.

Hitex customers aren't just looking for dependable tools or engineering solutions, but rather the systems expertise of Hitex embedded specialists to help them with their complex tasks. What they purchase from Hitex is certainty – the certainty that their systems will work, are of high quality, meet the required safety standards and are successfully certified within the planned development phase.

Hitex covers an extremely broad spectrum of the embedded design chain, including consulting, engineering and testing, tooling, training, software component selection as well as the production and manufacturing of prototypes and entire embedded systems.

Hitex: building a safe and secure embedded world

Embedded systems work behind the scenes but are omnipresent in our daily lives and are conquering the world.Entire industries are shifting from mechanical, to connected embedded electronic- and software-controlled systems.

The increase in embedded functions is placing higher demands on development departments

This places greater demands on embedded systems, especially in terms of functional safety, as well as protection against unauthorized access (security). Also, as machinery and equipment manufacturers face more demanding requirements, more functions are being shifted to chips and software, causing development complexity and costs for embedded systems to rise.

Hitex helps you manage everything you need to ensure your embedded system meets current and future challenges, on time, on spec, and within budget. Hence, our slogan: Building a safe and secure embedded world!

Hitex offers a complete range of microcontroller expertise

Embedded systems are found in many automobile applications and industrial controllers and in everyday things such as mobile phones, smart TVs, smart home applications and  industrial applications. They're also found in simple household applications such as displays on washing machines and other appliances. Hitex possesses a full range of expertise in embedded solutions for microcontrollers.

The future belongs to embedded solutions

At present, over 90 percent of all chips are installed in embedded systems. And the trend is rising. Coffee makers will soon not only be able to complete their cleaning routines automatically or communicate with the user ("Empty grounds"), it's likely that they will also be in contact with the manufacturer (for maintenance purposes), coffee delivery service, or even the capsule manufacturer to automatically order more capsules. Or perhaps the refrigerator will track usage and order fresh meat, milk, and cheese. This is the vision of the future – the Internet of Things (IoT). The same is true for industrial applications, the buzzword here being Industry 4.0.

We help you move forward into the future  

The IoT, Industry 4.0 and all of the ideas for embedded systems and solutions have a long way to go before they are a reality, however. Many technical requirements must be met and problems solved. The main problems continue to be real-time requirements, functional safety – and, today's most pressing issue: security in a connected world. 


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