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33622A-DEMO 120 MHz, 2 Channel Waveform generator with arbitrary capability


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The 33500B and 33600A Series Trueform Function / Arbitrary waveform generators offer a variety of capabilities you can’t find anywhere else-capabilities designed to help you accelerate your testing and get your project completed faster.
The 33500B and 33600A Series function/arbitrary waveform generators offer the standard signals and features you expect, such as modulation, sweep, and burst. However, it also provides features that give you the capabilities and flexibility you need to get your job done quickly, no matter how complex. An intuitive front-panel user interface, for example, can be quickly and easily relearned when your attention has been focused elsewhere.

Key features:
- 120 MHz Bandwidth
- 2 channels
- Built-in modulation and 17 popular waveforms: AM, FM, PM FSK, PWM, sine, square, ramp, PRBS, Gaussian Noise, Cardiac, Haversine, Lorentz
- Full bandwidth sine and square waves
- Lowest total harmonic distortion (THD) in its class
- One or two independent channels that can be coupled
- Trueform arbitrary waveform generation up to 1 GSa/s and 64 MSa
- Large, color, graphical display offers simultaneous parameter setup, signal viewing and editing for easy operation
- Two independent channels which can be coupled in amplitude and frequency
- Front-panel USB thumb drive port for file management
- Built-in help system
- LAN (LXI Core), USB and optional GPIB connectivity for quick and easy connectivity to a PC or network
- External triggering

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