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High Performance AC/DC Power Source

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The Inception of ASR-6000 High Performance AC/DC Power Source Development

From the very moment Alpha Go defeated the human chess champion with its ultra-high-speed computing capability, artificial intelligence technology (AI) has developed rapidly around the world. Today, servers with advanced AI functions process tremendous amounts of data under the high-speed computing architecture of 2 CPUs + 8 GPUs.

However, AI servers require a huge amount of power to maintain high-speed computing! In order to meet this demand, the power, density and efficiency of server power supplies have been greatly improved. High-power server power modules require high-efficiency conversion and saving of power consumption.  AC single-phase input, HVDC 400V input or increased DC voltage output designs can be utilized to achieve this purpose.

In order to ensure power stability when high-power servers are operating, power modules with hot-swappable redundant power supply specifications (such as CRPS) have been widely applied in server racks. Power modules with redundant functions require testing of multiple power modules at a time to ensure that all modules can maintain normal operation during high power output. Due to the rapid changes in the development of server power supplies, GW Instek developed the brand new flagship model ASR-6000 series to meet customer needs.

The ASR-6000 series has two models - ASR-6450 AC / DC 4.5kVA and ASR-6600 AC / DC 6kVA

ASR-6000 is the first stand-alone unit from GW Instek that supports AC single/three-phase input and output, and has rated DC power output. The series employs third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide (SiC) technology to create a 4U 6kVA high power density and high-performance AC /DC power source.

ASR-6000 has the ability to emulate more diverse power environment changes, such as balanced three-phase and unbalanced three-phase, phase loss, and features multi-channel output function can test up to three DUTs at the same time, programmable output impedance adjustment, and built-in over 40 types of arbitrary waveform outputs. The invincible launch of GW Instek flagship model ASR-6000 demonstrates that GW Instek can provide a complete test solution for high-power AC sources. ASR-6000 is the MVP of GW Instek power sources.

ASR-6000 main application

  • Server/communication power supply manufacturer
  • 6kVA On-board charger
  • Uninterruptible power supply system (UPS)
  • AC inverter
  • AC three-phase motor control, and protection device
  • Military industry, scientific research, education


  • Adopts third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide (SiC) technology to create a 4U 6kVA high-performance AC/DC power source with high power density
  • AC input supports single-phase and three-phase, phase voltage 200V to 240V±10% (Delta or Y connection)
  • 10 output modes: including external input signal frequency and mains synchronization (SYNC), external voltage controlled internal amplifier output (VCA)
  • Multi-channel output function
  • Supports 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P4W output
  • AC maximum output phase voltage: 350Vrms line voltage: 700Vrms
  • AC balanced and unbalanced three-phase, phase loss output functions
  • Programmable output impedance adjustment
  • Dual-channel voltage/current output monitoring function
  • Voltage output rise time can be adjusted in three ranges
  • Supports sequence editing and emulation output mode
  • Powerful arbitrary waveform editing and output function, capable of editing and outputting tens of thousands of waveforms
  • Advanced web server control to support data acquisition function
  • 100th order harmonic measurement function
  • Supports external parallel connection to increase output power
  • Standard interfaces: RS-232C, USB, LAN
  • Optional interfaces: CAN Bus, DeviceNet, GPIB

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