165mm tall Alphanumeric 7-Segment printed e-paper display

Ynvisible- D0433G02V01

Electrochromic bar graph seven-segment display. Ynvisible's printed e-paper is an electrochromic reflective technology and has a very low angle dependency. It is ultra-low power and features semi-bistability, which means that the display mainly consumes power during display switches but requires a short refresh pulse approximately once every 2 minutes. The display can be connected to and driven by almost all MCUs.
The single-digit e-paper display can be used for a wide range of digital signage and public information display applications, such as price signage, queue numbers, counters, and temperature visualization. You can put as many digits side-by-side as you need.
This product comes in a pack of 2 and is compatible with the other Ynvisible products.

Key features:
White Reflectance: 40%
Contrast Ratio (Yb/Yd): 1:3
Angle Dependency: No, lambertian
Thickness: 300 μm
Graphical layout: Segments
Segment dimensions: 1 mm - 100 mm
Response time: 100-1000 ms
Driving voltage: 1.5 V
Driving method: Direct drive
Energy consumption: 1 mJ/cm^2
Pulse energy: 0.25 mJ/cm^2
Image retention w/o power: 1-5 minutes
Operating conditions: -20C - +60C
Activations/Cycles: 1.000.000

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