Entry Kit truvami® tag S (Indoor & Outdoor Localization)


Flexible multi-standard LoRaWAN® EU868 WiFi/GPS tracker for various use-cases

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truvami® tag S is a powerful and seamless indoor/outdoor tracker optimized for precise localization of assets and workforce. It integrates a multi-standard GPS receiver and passive Wi-Fi MAC address scanner with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and an accelerometer for motion detection, into one compact device. Location functionality is based on satellite communication and scanning nearby Wi-Fi Access Points. The highly configurable device firmware allows for fine-grained adaptation to a specific use case to optimize performance and battery lifetime.

•    LoRaWAN® class A compliant device
•    Dedicated high precision GPS receiver
•    Passive Wi-Fi AP MAC address scanner module
•    Bluetooth 5.2 receiver and transmitter
•    Accelerometer for motion detection
•    Rechargeable, USB-C / wireless charging

•    Tracking of assets and valuables
•    Construction site management
•    Fleet management
•    Theft protection

Entry Kit includes:
3x truvami® tag S
Miniaturized EU868 LoRaWAN® class A compliant tracking device with GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth localization capabilities for seamless indoor and outdoor tracking.

Test Environment
Provisioning of trackers on Swisscom LPN, usage of truvami® geolocation engine and access to location data via truvami® dashboard.

Price on request.

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Entry Kit truvami® tag S (Indoor & Outdoor Localization)
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