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100MHz, 4-channel, Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Dual Channel Spectrum Analyzer with Spectrogram
Dual Channel 25MHz AWG
5,000 counts DMM
Dual Channel Power Supply 20V/1A/5W

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The MPO-2000 series is named after the abbreviation of Multi-function Programmable Oscilloscope. In addition to being an oscilloscope, it also includes a spectrum analyzer, an arbitrary waveform generator, a digital multimeter and a DC power supply. In addition to the five-in-one multi-functional architecture, we innovatively introduced the Python script function into the MPO-2000, so that users can conduct program control of a small automated test system by setting up a single unit test or multi-unit test without a PC, hence, the name MPO.

The MPO-2000 series provides Basic and Professional versions (model suffixes are represented by B and P).In terms of bandwidth, the Basic version is 100MHz and the Professional version is 200MHz and the main difference is that the Professional version provides larger program memory and more system resources to achieve the ability to process longer waveform data. The series provides USB CDC device control to meet the needs of multi-unit collaborative tests, and a Python GUI library is provided to allow users to modify the original built-in Python APP or write their own programs that present curve drawing and GUI operation menus to be packaged into Python programs developed by third parties. The Basic version features the provided demo programs that can be executed (including programs with USB device control and GUI) and Python programs provided by third parties. In addition, the Professional version provides more diverse bus decoding functions, including FlexRay, USB-PD and I2S. A large number of bus decoding functions are included in the standard configuration, and users do not have to pay to have the functions, making MPO-2000 more competitive.

MPO-2000P is the only product of its class that has a built-in Python GUI library. Users can build their own test systems at a lower cost. A variety of executable Python APPs are built-in. An all-in-one instrument with affordable pricing is ideal for test and measurement automation teaching courses; small-scale automated test of production lines, component tolerance testing for quality assurance, and diversified test applications. It is hoped that the launch of MPO-2000 can solve users' product test needs for repeatability and diversity, and can improve users' demand for simple and repetitive work efficiency and single-unit program control or the requirement of uploading test results to the cloud. It is also hoped that with the launch of MPO-2000, new markets can be explored in the fiercely competitive oscilloscope market and the overall competition of oscilloscopes can be improved.

Why do we choose to import Python into the oscilloscope? In the survey of top programming languages on GitHub in 2022, Python is second only to JavaScript in web-related applications, ranking second in the most popular programming language. The number of users of Python continues to grow, and the entry threshold is low. For beginners, its syntax is relatively simple and easy to learn. Python has become an increasingly common programming language, so we chose Python to be imported into the oscilloscopes to expand its program control applications.

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