truvami tag L evaluation kit extended Actility

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Extended Evaluation Kit (2x tag L) configured on Actility (Swisscom LPN) Integration including Indoor Gateway

truvami® tag L is a powerful and flexible GNSS tracking device that integrates a multistandard GPS receiver and passive Wi-Fi MAC address scanner with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and an accelerometer for motion detection, into one compact device. Location functionality is based on Satellite communication and scanning nearby Wi-Fi Acces Points. It is tightly integrated with Swisscom Broadcast’s location solver. It provides seamless indoor-outdoor-tracking.
The highly configurable device firmware allows for fine-grained adaptation to a specific use case to optimize performance and battery lifetime.


  • LoRaWAN® class A compliant device
  • Dedicated high precision GPS receiver
  • Passive Wi-Fi MAC address scanner
  • Bluetooth 5.2 receiver and transmitter
  • Accelerometer to detect motion
  • Rechargable USB-C charging


  • Tracking of assets and valuables
  • Construction site management
  • Fleet management
  • Theft protection

Kit includes: 

  • 2x Tag L
  • Indoor Gateway
  • Test environment
  • 1 hour free workshop after your test phase

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truvami tag L evaluation kit extended Actility
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