• Silicon Labs EFM32PG28 Microcontrollers for Low Power, High-Performance IoT Applications


    In a groundbreaking development for embedded IoT applications, the EFM32PG28 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) family from Silicon Labs has emerged as a powerful solution, showcasing compatibility with the EFR32xG28 wireless SoC platform. These MCUs, known for their software compatibility, cater to a diverse range of low power and high-performance embedded IoT applications.
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  • Central Semiconductors Revolutionizes Fast-Recovery Diodes for High-Speed Applications!


    Dive into the future of high-speed rectification with Central Semiconductors' latest launch: Fast-Recovery Diodes (FRDs). Boasting an ultra-low reverse recovery time of just 25ns, these cutting-edge diodes redefine efficiency in applications ranging from Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Industrial Electronics. Join us as we accelerate innovation, setting a new standard in semiconductor technology!
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  • Epishine - Energy generating light cells


    Epishine's business is based on pioneering manufacturing breakthroughs within printed organic solar cells. Their disruptive process steps provide a unique scalability in terms of manufacturing and also industry leading efficiency in low light.
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  • New partnership with e-peas


    The PMICs (Power Management ICs) from e-peas are characterized by a very small form factor and “harvest” energy from the sources of light, heat, vibration or high-frequency waves. Corresponding to the respective environment, powerful ambient energy management solutions are available that harvest, store and optimize energy
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