• Success Story with ETH Zurich - Enabling Next Generation Data Center Interconnects


    „Quod erat demonstrandum“: Computer Controls AG supports ETH Zurich in research project on next generation data center interconnects. These fundamental results provide important insights for the development of future fibre-optic communication channels that can transmit increasing data volumes. 
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  • Discover the all new 4000A PC oscillosope series by PicoTech


    The recently launched PicoScope 4000A Series of PC oscilloscopes is a second-generation upgrade and expansion of Pico's high-resolution, deep-memory product portfolio. This series of oscilloscopes is especially suited to engineers, scientists and technicians working on a wide range of electrical, mechanical, audio, lidar, radar, ultrasonic, NDT and predictive maintenance systems who need to make precise measurements and analysis of repetitive or single-shot long-duration waveforms.
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